Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs or whistle pigs, are a member of the squirrel family. They are primarily a nuisance to outdoor areas, and shouldn't usually be found indoors. Woodchucks whistle shrilly as they scurry back to the safety of their dens when startled, giving them the nickname whistle-pigs. They hibernate in winter for about three months and their body temperature can change from 99 degrees to 37! If you are experiencing a groundhog problem on your property, don't panic. Call Critter Control of New Hampshire today to help you solve your woodchuck problems today! (603) 836-4768 or HERE.

Groundhog Control Services

  • Groundhog control services in New HampshireCritter Control of New Hampshire has experience in controlling woodchuck problems safely and quickly.
  • Our technicians will implement prevention techniques to keep groundhogs away from gardens and lawns.
  • The professional installation of fencing can be one method to keep woodchucks from digging for years to come!​

Common Woodchuck/Groundhog Problems

  • They are most commonly known to damage yards, under sheds, fields and gardens.
  • Woodchucks are most attracted to areas with food sources including grasses and vegetables, as well as denning availability.
  • Woodchucks do not generally attack and cause harm to humans directly.
  • Their holes may create a risk of injury for those walking through their denning area.
  • Woodchuck damage is limited to properties like farms, orchards, gardens, and lawns.
  • These rodents are responsible for significant damage to crops, such as soybeans, peas, carrots, lettuce, alfalfa, apples and flowers.

Full-Service Groundhog Trapping & Removal

Since groundhog burrows have multiple entrances and exits, traps should only be set by trained professionals. Although woodchucks do not actively attack humans, they may scratch or bite when cornered or threatened, and residents should never attempt to handle the animals. Critter Control wildlife experts are trained to safely deal with nuisance groundhogs and fully equipped to handle trapping, removal, and control operations within the confines of the law.

We can help you get rid of woodchuck problems! Call your local Critter Control of New Hampshire office today! (603) 836-4768

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Woodchucks are known to damage under decks and sheds. Critter Control of New Hampshire will get rid of the woodchucks using safe trapping methods. Our technicians are trained to use top of the line woodchuck traps. Give us a call today to get rid of your woodchuck problems quickly.
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