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A common wildlife pest in most of the North American region, squirrels are persistent and inventive. Squirrel damage to your home and property can be costly. The three most prevalent squirrel species in New Hampshire, in order, are fox squirrels, red and gray squirrels and flying squirrels. Critter Control of New Hampshire's office is experienced in removing squirrels from your property. Fill out our handy online form here and tell us about your squirrel problem or give us a call at (603) 836-4768.

Squirrel control services in New HampshireCritter Control of New Hampshire is careful to make sure the squirrel(s) we are removing is not a new mother—we check thoroughly for the presence of squirrel babies (kits) before and after removal. Some of the methods of squirrel removal we will use to keep your problem manageable include:

  • Sealing entry points, except one, to rooms squirrels frequent and employing one-way doors can help keep the population under control.
  • Live trapping is another option for squirrel removal.

Common Squirrel Damages

  • All three squirrel types can find their way into your home intentionally or unintentionally. They are notorious for chewing up items like soft books and newspapers, insulation and wires.
  • Squirrels will also dig holes and tunnels in your yard.
  • Squirrels can be responsible for power outages when they run across power lines.
  • In order to keep the growth of their teeth under control, squirrels often chew at entry points in your home to file them down. This can lead to a number of damages.

Removal & Trapping of Squirrels

If serious squirrel problems arise, contact Critter Control of New Hampshire's wildlife experts to handle the furry little rodents! Our technicians have the training and tools necessary to trap and remove squirrels from private properties. We only employ humane methods of eradication and our process is safe for all humans and animals involved. We can help you get rid of squirrel problems–call our New Hampshire office today! (603) 836-4768

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Squirrels are cute to watch outside, but not when they're running loose in your attic and crawlspaces. These small animals can cause a lot of damage to your house. Click the play button to hear what a squirrel sounds like:
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