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Bats have quite the infamous reputation — after all, they're known for being nocturnal fliers associated with vampires and feeding on blood. These misunderstood creatures are actually fairly beneficial to the environment, sometimes eating up to 500,000 pounds of insects per night. Unfortunately, bats are still wild animals and humans should keep their distance from these winged mammals. Call our New Hampshire office at (603) 836-4768 or leave us more information here.

Bat Facts

  • Over 1,200 species of bats exist in the world and fewer than five actually feed on blood.
  • Most bats are insectivores whose feeding habits are incredibly beneficial to humans. Large bat colonies can eat up to 500,000 pounds of insects each night.
  • Bats will hunt for common pests, such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, beetles and moths, by using thBat control services in New Hampshireeir large ears like radar dishes in a process known as echolocation.
  • Bats have been regarded with superstition and fear in many cultures throughout history due to their nightly flying habits, strange appearance, and the tendency of certain species to feed on the blood of other animals.
  • You should take preventative measures to prevent bats from invading your house. For example, if you suspect any openings in holes, vents, chimneys, windows, or gaps, you should attempt to seal them to avoid bat entry.

Common Bat Problems

  • Bats are not typically aggressive toward humans, but it is still important that you don't interact with bats as they may scratch or bite if they feel threatened.
  • For example, bat feces is very harmful and can carry the disease histoplasmosis.
  • As bat populations grow, their droppings can accumulate into dangerous amounts.
  • Bats can also enlarge existing entry points. For example, large entry points in your roof can lead to water damage. 
  • Bats are extremely flexible, so they're able to squeeze through small cracks or holes in your house as small as a dime.
  • Sometimes these small openings can be so small it is nearly impossible to spot them with untrained eyes.
  • During summer months when baby bats are learning to fly, they accidentally enter buildings through open doors or windows.

Full-Service Bat Trapping & Removal

In addition to scratching and biting, some bats may carry unknown diseases; you should never take the chance by approaching them. Instead, you should contact your local Critter Control. We will answer all the questions you may have about bats or wildlife-related. Let us help you with your bat problems. 

If you're in the New Hampshire area and you have a bat problem, we can help you! Call our office today at (603) 836-4768.

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