New Hampshire residents often hear animal noises in the home before they see the actual problem animal. Bats, rodents, birds, and raccoons are common problem animals. If you are hearing noises in your home that sounds like animal sounds, give Critter Control of New Hampshire a call. (603) 836-4768

Bat Noises In The Home

Bats can enter homes through extremely small holes. Once inside bats will make scratching noises and high pitch squeaking. Bats are nocturnal so you will commonly hear bat noises at night while they are most active. Call Critter Control to help with your bat control problem in New Hampshire and the surrounding area. Bats can form colonies inside a home which may lead to significant bat damage.

Rodent Noises In The Home

Common complaints associated with rodent control problems are the terrible noises they create. Rodents make the most noise during night while they search for food, and during cold night while they search for warm shelter. Critter Control of New Hampshire can get rid of mice and rat control problems quickly.

Birds Nesting In The Home

Birds seek a comfortable area to build their nests and occasionally find it on or in your home. Birds nesting in your home can create terrible noises, including scratching and chirping. Bird noises are commonly heard during the early morning hours while birds are rising for food. Critter Control has proven methods of bird control to keep them from nesting on your home for good.

Raccoons In The Home

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that will keep you up at night with their loud noises. They will thump, bump, and scratch during the night. Raccoons enter homes looking for shelter to make a comfy den to stay warm in the winter or raise their babies. Get rid of the raccoons that are keeping you up all night. Call Critter Control of New Hampshire. Our experts can effectively trap raccoons and keep them out of your home for good.

Squirrels in The Home

Squirrels are destructive animals that have a tendency to enter attics and set up permanent nests. They create quite the hype with their jumping, scurrying, and scratching during daylight hours. The significant amount of noise will occur while the squirrels enter and exit the home in search of food. Critter Control professionals in New Hampshire can trap squirrels and keep them from getting into your home for good.

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