Wildlife Prevention Services

Dealing with wildlife inside your home can be incredibly overwhelming for anyone. Sometimes it is even difficult to pinpoint every location damages have occurred. Cleaning and repairing these damages is another issue entirely. Critter Control of New Hampshire offers wildlife prevention services that will help keep wildlife out of your home permanently. Call our New Hampshire office for long-term professional wildlife control results. (603) 836-4768

Long-Term Solutions

Wildlife prevention services in New HampshireCritter Control of New Hampshire has technicians who are trained with expert knowledge, including:

  • Wildlife habits
  • Wildlife intelligence levels
  • Wildlife diet preferences

With this knowledge, they are able to create an effective prevention plan to keep raccoons, squirrels and other wildlife animals away from your home and property.

There are a number of ways to approach prevention. Each wildlife animal requires a unique approach, but your Critter Control technician is trained to discern between different animals' removal plans.

Your technician may implement one, or multiple, prevention techniques to keep your animal away.

Habitat Modification Method 

  • Keeping your yard cleaned up and clear of brush piles, potential food options and water supplies will decrease the chances of problem wildlife finding your home appealing.
  • Limiting resources and eliminating any possible reasons for wildlife animals to enter your yard will decrease the chance of them finding a way to get inside your home.

Exclusion Method 

  • Wildlife home exclusion may be the best approach to long-term wildlife control and prevention.
  • Future wildlife invaders will not be able to enter your home. If wildlife animals find a way in, it is our job to fix that.

Common Points Of Exclusion

  • Chimney — Adding chimney caps and screening can prevent animals from falling in or nesting
  • Plumbing Vents — Animals seeking shelter can get stuck in plumbing pipes
  • Roof & Fascia Spaces — Poorly sealed points between roof & fascia will invite animal entry
  • Roof Vents — Lightweight, flimsy vents should be replaced with heavy secure roof vents
  • Oven & Bathroom Exhaust Vents — Adding screening to vents helps keep animals out
  • Roof/Soffit Intersection — Securing gaps will help prevent animal chewing and entry
  • Holes in Siding — Repairing & reinforcing holes will discourage animal infestation
  • Porch & Deck — Durable screening around base prevents nesting animals
  • Trees & Landscaping — Removal of overhanging tree limbs and encroaching vegetation

Our Prevention Solutions

For long-term and proven permanent prevention methods, call Critter Control of New Hampshire at (603) 836-4768. We will get rid of your wildlife problems and prevent wildlife from entering your home again.