New Hampshire Bat Control

Bats are sneaky animals that will nest and roost inside your chimney or attic, or they may find themselves inside your living space accidentally. Our skilled technicians can handle any bat problem you may be facing. Call our New Hampshire office as soon as you suspect a bat problem and give us a call or contact us here to schedule your appointment today at (603) 836-4768.

Bat Issues

Humans and bats typically coexist together very uneventfully, but when they begin to roost inside chimneys, walls, or attics of your home, they become an issue. Bat colonies will result in a disgusting amount of droppings that will cause health problems, unfortunate odors and difficult stains. Bats inside your living space should be handled only by professionals because bats can carry rabies and will bite or scratch when they're handled. Trust the professionals to resolve your bat control problem safely and quickly.

Bat Control ServicesBat proof vent screen in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Critter Control is a licensed wildlife control operator that is experienced in proper bat control techniques. We can humanely remove bats from your home and outbuildings.

  • Our team is experienced and trained to meet NWCOA and Bat Conservation International (BCI) standards when it comes to appropriate techniques and materials to humanely remove bats from properties, homes and other structures.
  • We exude the highest level of pride when it comes to upholding these standards and providing seamless cosmetic and animal-proof repairs.
  • We employ only the highest quality materials and tools to make sure that our repairs not only keep bats out in the future, but also return your home to the condition it was in prior to bat entry (if not better!)

We are a New Hampshire licensed wildlife rehabilitator and will work tirelessly to provide care to hurt bats and other wildlife animals. These services are a non-profit facet of our business and our team of professionals genuinely care for these animals.

  • Unfortunately, there are no state or federal funds for these services, so we cover all New Hampshire wildlife rehabilitative care by putting a portion of our profits toward this great cause.
  • We also work closely with Wings of the Dawn in Henniker, New Hampshire, for long-term care for injured/orphaned wildlife. We are proud to give back to not only the great state of New Hampshire, but to its communities, the people who live here, and its wildlife as well.