Can Critter Control Help Insulate Attics?

Insulation in a New Hampshire atticThe damage that wildlife can cause to your attic is astonishing. Many homeowners aren't even aware they have unwanted guests living in their attic, let alone soiled or ripped insulation that is being created at the same time. 

Critter Control of New Hampshire has trained technicians who will let you know if a lightly stained area simply needs a spot clean or total attic remediation. Attics that are properly installed can save you money — we are certified and we can help!

Spot Cleaning

Attic Cleaning in New Hampshire atticThere are some instances when the animal(s) stick to one area of your attic, which will make the damage apparent only in one particular area and it will be contained to a specific portion of an attic. In these cases, Critter Control may only need to clean a small area. Our team will provide a quote for insulation removal, cleaning and adding additional insulation. 

Full Redemption Of Your Attic

Total attic cleanup is called "attic remediation." Very similar to the mold and fire remediation industry, we follow many of the same standards for attic cleanup, from worker protective Tyvec suits & respirators to working within self-contained work environment with negative air scrubbers, you can be assured the soiling of your attic will not infiltrate your home. 

Soiled insulation in New HampshireThe Remediation Process

  • Insulation is removed by bagging fiberglass batts.
  • Loose-fill insulation is removed with a special truck-mounted insulation vacuum.
  • The attic is then vacuumed with a HEPA vacuum.
  • The use of ozone generators is sometimes used to kill odors in attics.
  • Wood and masonry (chimneys) cannot be properly disinfected due to their porous nature so we employ the use of special "encapsulation paints" again, borrowed from the mold & fire industry, these paints seal wood and masonry, locking in odors from urine/feces and any bacteria and fungus which may have grown from the excrement of the animals. Full-Service Attic Restoration This encapsulation appears to be just white paint, but it's actually a high-quality sealant.
  • After the attic has been cleaned, we start the insulation process. At this point, it's most prudent to add as much insulation as is affordable. The more you add, the more your savings are. We recommend R-48. Adding insulation has the fastest ROI (return on investment) from the cost of the insulation until the amount you save ends up paying for the product.

Attic Insulation New HampshireFor energy products, insulation has the fastest recoup on energy cost compared to windows, doors and solar. Coupled in with the fact that attics with missing or matted insulation are losing more heat, the recoup time is faster in these applications, but results will vary in every situation.

Insulation Capping

What if I don't have any animal damage, but I just want to add more insulation?

  • "Capping" your attic is for you! "Capping" is simply adding more insulation to your current level.
  • Installed in as little as half a day, attic capping is a great add-on to increase savings for your home.
  • Houses built in the 70s or 80s generally only have a rating of R-19 (6 inches), while the current building codes for New Hampshire is between R-48 and R-60 (14–18 inches).


What NOT to do attic restoration Our team is an IICRC certified firm, following industry standards for cleaning attic restoration and insulation. The picture on the left is an airborne disaster and is the WRONG way to perform this service. Contact the professionals at Critter Control of New Hampshire for your attic restoration and insulation needs. (603) 836-4768




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