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We appreciate the professionalism and caring of Jesse, Alyson and the workers- Fox, Wesley and Hudson. We received service as promptly as possible. The five year warranty is huge for us.
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Very helpful and responded right away. I had 2 very nice and polite people come and take care of birds nests inside the gutters. I have to wait for bat mating season to be over, but Jesse responded with a quote quickly and put me on the books in august!
Great service. Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable
Critter Control - prompt, friendly service. From the owner to the office to the field specialist. Quick and effective with follow-up to the very end. I would highly recommend Critter Control!!
Reliable and dependable. Always solves the problem,
I cannot thank this company for the help I was given when I had a major raccoon problem. From the catching of the critters, to the clean up of the mess they left, I found the people I dealt with very professional, polite, kind, and considerate. From my first call, I was treated so very well. I can recommend this service to anyone without any reservations.
Great service: very comprehensive and well done. Jessie and his team worked quickly, covered a number of areas (some I had no idea they took care of until Jessie pointed them out to me during the final walk through) and did a very thorough and quality job. If you love your home, then hiring Critter Control brings peace of mind at a fair price. I would definitely recommend them for protecting your home from all sorts of critters.
Everyone that I dealt with, from beginning to end, was fantastic.
Very responsive and professional but human. Both squirrel extraction and mice discouragement treatments were done as scheduled and preceded by a phone call to let me know when to expect technician. All staff were friendly, helpful and I would recommend them.
Amazing job the Coon is safe and out of my house TY
Everyone I dealt with was great. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and answered all my questions without hesitation. I was very happy with the work and how everything was handled. I will definitely use them again for any future needs.
The entire Critter Control team was awesome!! I had a problem in my home with critters. They came to the house , assessed the problem, came back and fixed the issues that were causing the critters to get into the house. I truly appreciate their work and professionalism. Highly recommend!!
Critter Control of NH was wonderful. They were prompt, polite and solved my problem quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend them.
Superb customer service provided by Fox - very professional and informative as well as detail oriented. Would highly recommend for your critter needs Thanks
Good work, good company, solved my problem.
Shealyn Santagate
Had an awesome experience with Becky on the phone and Josh as the animal extractor. We had an unfortunate situation with a woodchuck that got itself caught in the pulley of a vehicle and needed professionals to handle the situation and I'm so glad we called Critter Control! Would definitely call again! Thank you so much!
Paul Nerney
James Carroll
the best ! The quality far exceeded my expectations and at a very fair price that I didn?t feel taken advantage of
Joshua Nitso
Great persistence-removed a bunch of skunks and stuck with it till they got them all.
Critter Control is great. They know their business and get the job done.
Ahmad Barakat
Bob Hickey
Muge Cakir
DeeDee B
This is the second time we use Critter Control. Had flying squirrell problem in 2013. They resolved that issue. This time we had a mice problem. Came over, assessed issue, gave a very reasonable quote, completed the work. We're very confident the mice are shut out. The technicians that came over were very polite, friendly, and knowledgeable. They did not leave any trace oftrash behind after completing the job. Cleaned up perfectly! Love these folks!
Gail Hammer
Critter Control of NH used a multi-step process to successfully evict and then prevent the return of squirrels that had made their way into my attic and mice which had chewed a hole in my basement door frame. They even returned to inspect their work in the Spring. I'm glad I contacted them.
Magan Munson
Cathy Hall
Very helpful and responded right away. I had 2 very nice and polite people come and take care of birds nests inside the gutters. I have to wait for bat mating season to be over, but Jesse responded with a quote quickly and put me on the books in august!
Marc Snyder
Jesse - has been very responsive and also excellent explaining things to me
James Mitchell
Eileen Cuff
Kathleen Downes
The Critter Control owner, office staff and remediation crew were knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly. We would turn to them again but likely will not need to as they did an awesome job!
Mike Marston
Brooke Farr
Always great prompt service. Jessie is very knowledgeable and always a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend.
Beth Jefferson
Allison Mangels
Harold Ryder
Kathleen Bell
Fox was great! We were very pleased with his professional and diligent work.
Shelly Berardini
Critter Control provides truly exceptional service / technical know-how and highly responsive customer support. Jesse, Fox, Angela and Hudson couldn't be better people to work with or more adept at their jobs -- from start to finish!
Melissa Hopf
Julie Smith
Patricia Petrillo
kim Frenette
Elizabeth Fouts
Jesse was absolutely great and took care of the problem within minutes!
Wingate Lee
Kevin B
Excellent company. Jessie was fantastic and very helpful. They are always there to help and will back their service even if delays happen.
Tamarie Allard
Critter Control is our GO TO source when we have pest removal or pest damage repair services. I cannot recommend them more highly. Always professional, great concern for animal well-being and a top notch service.
Larry Viola
Great service. Estimated 8 days to get rid of a family of 7 groundhogs under my back deck....they were gone in 3. In and out everyday. Followed up to make sure we were satisfied. Would use again!
Erik Egbertson
Very happy with the service. Obtained immediate results and then no question followups when the animal returned to other areas. Very professional and respectful to the owners, animal..everyone.
L Beelle
The is the second year we've had to use Critter Control and both times have been a great experience. Our problem has been groundhogs and they've caught them all each time and released the opossum and snunks like we asked. They release the groundhogs too but on their own property which is best for us and the animals. The people at the company are excellent and responsive even when it's their super busy season. This year we are having them quote us for fencing and closing up of holes. We like them and all, but like the groundhogs, we don't want to see them for a third year either! ? Thanks and we look forward to working with you in remediation.
Elaine Caikauskas
Hudson and Fox were friendly, professional, and able and willing to answer all my questions. Both gentleman also emphasized the humane practices employed by Critter Control, which was very important to us. They represent the company well, and we were very pleased with the extra help and understanding we received from Critter Control. I would highly recommend this company.
Melissa Cameron
We had a dead mouse in our attic. When I called and spoke with Kathy she was extremely helpful! She was able to give me all kinds of information about some different scenarios, and answered all my questions no problem. They were able to fit us in for an emergency appointment. Jesse was amazing. Super professional and helpful. Walked me through everything he was doing. Was able to quickly identify and remove the mouse as well as assess what was going on in the bigger picture. So informative and really trustworthy. The day following the removal and inspection they sent us detail information about steps we should take the secure the house in the future. Can?t wait to work with them again!
Austin Goodman
Critter Control responded on time and was able to capture a pesky woodchuck and several chipmunks. The company employees were polite, professional, and knowledgeable about their business. The Company also removed a second Woodchuck from my/neighbors yard without an additional charge! Professionalism Rating A+! I would highly recommend their services and the price was worth every penny!
Beth Salerno
I would definitely recommend. Note it can take 10 days to get traps set up and the up front price is steep - $570 whether or not they catch anything. But they are great about coming out that day when an animal is caught, releasing non target animals back to wild or taking them away as requested, and they kept trapping after the 7 day end of contract until they got the target animal at no extra charge. Clearly knew what they were doing.
Nadir Ibrakovic
Bonni Schumann
They answered my call, then returned my call immediately. He had me text a picture of the issue & then he got back to me in minutes with an explanation of the issue, a plan, a cost estimate, & a time frame. When I agreed, I got a written estimate and a prompt appointment time. All within 30 minutes of my call. On service day, he arrived early & finished quickly. Within minutes I had an email receipt, including before and after photos. As well as the 2nd visit appointment time. On 2nd visit day; he again arrived early, finished quickly, & sent me a final bill, with updated before & after photos-within minutes of finishing the work. Hands done the most pain free contract/home repair work I?ve ever had done, in 30 years of home ownership. I wish they did plumbing & home improvement also! I am super grateful that I was randomly referred to this company. Would 100% recommend Critter Control of NH.
Sandra Pugsley
Critter Control provides the best service out there for eliminating pesky wildlife using your home. They stand behind their work even if it is a year later. Highly recommend their service and dedication.
Shlomo Simenowitz
Jesse fraser is one of the most knowledgeable and profesional people I have ever met. He was able to remedy all of our issues and dealing with him was the most pleasurable experience. Would highly recomend!
Izador Marenghi
Suzanne Multer
They were terrific!!! Got rid of our squirrel/chipmunk issues in the winter. We have not had an issue since they have come out!!! Thank you so much!!!!
Robert Folloni
Jesse called right back. Said he?d give a half hour notice before the planned meeting time and did so. Showed up in time. Friendly. Was able to quickly get not one bit 2 frisky squirrels out of the fireplace in a short time. He then got to the roof to see where they entered from and is writing up a solution to the problem. Nice job Jesse and Critter Control!
Jon Seward
My interactions with these guys has been nothing short of awesome. To be clear I have not used their help just yet, but after such a positive interaction with them I had to come leave a review. One of their technicians blew a stop sign the other day and almost hit me. At first I was fuming mad. But after they kindly took my call, and then had the technician call me back to apologize and show me that he had taken the time to clear the brush around the stop sign he had missed, I had to share my experience. any company that cares this much about those around them is doing something right for sure. These guys will be my first call if I even need some critter help. Way to turn a negative experience into a positive one! looking forward to working with you in the future!
Ed DelValle
These guys were were very professional and they showed me exactly where the problem was quickly and resolved the problem within a few days. I highly recommend them!
anthony chismark
Melissa Dabilis
Critter Control - prompt, friendly service. From the owner to the office to the field specialist. Quick and effective with follow-up to the very end. I would highly recommend Critter Control!!
Shelley Lacroix
We heard some scratching in our attic and after researching companies online we ended up calling Critter Control. Jesse came out within 10 days of our call and did an inspection and found some mice droppings in the basement and some in the attic and also some bat guano outside of one of our dormers on our roof. They gave us our estimate and then I scheduled the work to be done ASAP. They ended up coming in and installing a bat eviction valve and did something to the exterior of my house to prevent the mice from coming back. I?m still not sure what was done but about two weeks later they came back and sealed up any openings in our foundation and sealed up the last Dormer and we haven?t heard any scratching since. What?s best about the company is that they include a five year warranty to their work so if I hear any scratching in the next five years I know who to call. Every email was responded to timely and every phone call was returned. I highly recommend them.
Amanda Cabrera
Found a baby robin today and they were so quick to want to help rehab him! Unfortunately the baby bird did not make it but it was so comforting to know that they actually wanted to help and didn?t just brush me off.
Love Critter Control! Not only do they do excellent work with removal and closing up the entrance points where the little critters were getting in but also have spotless clean up. They are the most knowledgeable workers in regards to animal behavior and why, in the first place, they decided to have my home as there's. No other company will do the work for you as well as Critter Control. My mind is now at ease!
Jodi Johnson
Friendly courteous service. Knowledge and helpful information given.
Geoffrey Somerville
Great company that really stands by their work. Their 5 year guarantee sealed the deal for me. We had a serious flying squirrel infestation which Jesse and his crew solved. We had a minor reoccurrence where a squirrel somehow snuck back in. We called Jesse and he stopped by up a couple of days later, found the new hole, and sealed it up. No issues since. Plus this company shows up when they say they?re going to! Bonus points!
Susan Parran
Jesse was very helpful with a squirrel I found on the side of the road that had been hit by a car.
Good work, good company, solved my problem.
Michael J. Lowe II
Great team of workers. The owner Jessie is really friendly. The whole team is professional and gets the job done right. Would highly recommend.
Wilhelmina Bradley
Zak Silva
Lora Cilcius
Kate Cosgrove
Awesome team, did a super job and I would definitely use this service again!
Mary Eldridge
I work with Critter Control on multiple properties due to work. The Customer Service is unsurpassed by any other.
Peter Rosser
Had a real problem with small critters (flying squirrels, small birds, bees) somehow gaining entry to my attic. What a pain. Jesse came over, identified where the problem(s) were and then sent in his crew to mitigate all the entry points. Could not be happier. Presumably Rocky the Flying Squirrel has flown into someone else's attic!! Homeowner 1, Critters 0.
Kate ODell
A week ago I rescued a juvenile porcupine from the roadside...... he was acting sick and it turned out he had distemper. After calling Critter Control and talking with them I brought the little fellow over and he was observed for a day and a half. Sadly, because of the distemper, he was humanely put to sleep. Jesse and his staff are wonderful! I didn't know that they they rehab and partner with other animal rehab-ers. Use them for your animal issues.....they are wonderful!
When I had the unfortunate experience of a skunk going off underneath my house in the middle of the night. Eager to ensure that this did not happen again, I reached out to Critter Control. They were so quick to respond, every one was friendly and knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. They are willing to go the extra mile, they were/are great to work with, it almost makes me sad that I no longer have a critter problem. I HIGHLY recommend their services!
Brienne Burbank
I dropped off a baby bird today that he kindly took in after hours. I have called him a few times before, once for a possum that was badly hurt. He was going to keep it through winter and re-release it. He has given great advice how to trap to rescue kittens, he really covers a broad spectrum of situations. It's nice to know someone who cares.
Jack and Mary Designs Marilyn Robertson
Critter Control and Jesse are the best! They were able to vacate all of our critters and we had many.
Kourtnie Hamel
Critter control set 2 traps for skunks under my front steps The very first night they caught one Wonderful!!!! They re -set the traps and 3 days later we caught 2 baby raccoons . They came out Sunday morning and re-released them. Thank You again However, 2 days later we received a call from them telling us it looks like there is a dead skunk under our steps and they do not have a hook small enough to get it. I feel that an animal control company should have MANY methods to retrieve animals in small, tight, high or difficult spaces I realize in our situation the animal is under granite steps, but with today's technology, if you can fit a camera to take a picture there must be some mechanical arm that could help Anyway, we are the ones that will need to find a way to resolve this matter
Alice Chabot
Critter Control inspects and professionally evaluates needs. They follow through with necessary corrective action. Jesse is the best! I will always, and do currently, recommend Critter Control to everyone I know in need of the best professional care!!!!
Dawn B
Jesse is excellent! He is very knowledgeable and does the job right the first time, every time.
Haf Family stuff
We had a bat, or so we thought. Despite intense family stress, Critter Control came right out to the house. They laid out a plan to eliminate our unwanted bat guest and also rodent proofed the perimeter of the house. We were ecstatic. They were on time, courteous, professional, reasonable and I would recommend them to any and all residents who have experienced the agony of unwanted houseguests of the critter variety. As for the human variety, Critter control does not offer that service. We have since moved from New Hampshire (that was the office we asked for help from.)
patsy pratt
Critter Control is excellent....I recommend them highly.
Sylvia Horsley
Good guys. good price, good work!!!
brandon thorsell
Jesse was awesome
William Plausky
Lonnie McCaffrey
Critter control is a top notch organization that arrived promptly, acted professionally and cares about the animals.