Squirrel Removal In Merrimack, NH

Whether you’re dealing with one squirrel in your soffit or a family of squirrels in your attic, the Critter Control of NH team will be able to quickly and effectively remove and relocate these critters.


If you’re needing this incredible service at your home in the greater Merrimack area, there’s no better company to call!


Squirrel Removal Services

Our crew of squirrel control technicians specialize in providing only the best squirrel removal and exclusion services. While some companies simply apply cheap fixes that act more like a band-aid, our team makes sure to provide lasting solutions so you won’t have to deal with another squirrel infestation. 


With many years of service in the greater Merrimack area, our team of squirrel removal professionals can be trusted to perform the most effective services. As we respond to your call for assistance, we will perform the following services to ensure we properly address the situation:


  • Inspect the property’s exterior for entry sites
  • Access & investigate affected spaces for damage
  • Develop a specific removal and relocation plan
  • Deploy trapping and removal equipment
  • Address damage via repairs
  • Complete exclusion measures to ensure squirrels cannot regain entry


Local Squirrel Removal Experts

Once we’ve completed this in-depth service, you will be able to see the benefits of having the squirrel removal and prevention services completed as you rest in your peaceful home once again.


If you’re needing a high quality squirrel control service in Merrimack, contact our squirrel removal and control professionals at Critter Control of New Hampshire. You can trust our NWCOA-certified crew to complete top-notch removal, control and prevention services.