Squirrel Removal In Manchester, NH

Are you needing a trusted wildlife removal company to inspect your home or commercial property in Manchester for a possible squirrel infestation? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Critter Control of New Hampshire, our team specializes in providing top notch squirrel removal and control services. Whether you’re hearing these noisy critters in your attic, walls or soffits, our trained and experienced team of squirrel trappers will quickly and effectively get rid of the squirrels in your property.


Squirrel Removal Process

In order to understand where the squirrel(s) is located and how to best remove them, we will complete one or more of the following services:

  • Inspect the property’s exterior for entry sites
  • Access & investigate affected spaces for damage
  • Develop a specific removal and relocation plan
  • Deploy trapping and removal equipment
  • Address damage via repairs
  • Complete exclusion measures to ensure squirrels cannot regain entry


Local Squirrel Control Experts

For all of your squirrel removal needs in the greater Manchester, NH area, contact the trusted squirrel removal and control experts at Critter Control of New Hampshire. Our NWCOA-certified team members will be sure to provide you with top-notch control, removal and exclusion services. Call today!